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Opening day Tryouts for Mens U23 Pro Team in Plant CIty

February 21, 2015

Opening day Tryouts for  Men's U23 Pro Team in Plant City was a tremendous success and a massive addition to the community of Plant City. Fifty-four skilled and confident soccer players showed up for the try-out on Saturday. Guest from surrounding clubs and colleges attended this great event. This was one of four try-outs to be held here in Beautiful Plant City. All try-outs are open to anyone and the cost is free. The next try-out is Saturday February 28 from 2pm-4pm.   The try-out will be held at the same location, Ellis Methvan Sports Complex in Plant City. Do you think you have what it takes? Go for your dreams... NO EXCUSES!!! For more information please call 813-478-4142 or email


Good luck to everyone this weekend. Below are some photos from the first try-out.


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