Football Club Plant City

The Mission Of FC Plant City

















• To have a soccer club that is the heart and soul of the community

• To promote one style of play within the club that is based on possession, intelligence, 
   creativity, attacking, dominating soccer, as often as possible played in the opponents half.

• To provide quality playing and training opportunities for our players at all talent levels 
   and age groups within the club.

• To never make club decisions just solely for the sake of making money, especially when it concerns 
   the quality of our soccer and our ability to manage our club effectively.

• To let our actions, not our words speak for themselves.

• To understand the development of our players has a much higher priority than winning games.

• To understand without structure, respect, and discipline, we cannot have creativity and flexibility.

• To promote no tolerance for racism or ignorance of any kind!

• To give our coaches the opportunity for them to be the best coaches they possibly can be and become.

• To teach our club members that the soccer world is much bigger than our backyard.

• To help our players reach their soccer and non-soccer goals and dreams.

• To appreciate and respect what our city and volunteers do for our club.

• To Have Leadership that makes decisions based on high level proven experiences in all facets of a soccer organazation





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